What We Do

We Support Children to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


— Humanitarian Aid

We encourage individuals, families and communities to stand-up on their own feet by providing training, skills development as well as micro-financing of projects to ensure they can earn their own livelihoods to support themselves and their families.


— Microfinance

o alleviate poverty by empowering socially and economically marginalized families through interest free microfinance and by harnessing entrepreneurial potential, capacity building and social guidance.


— Disability & Blindness

Provide books, resources and equipment for people, adults and children, with disabilities or visual impairment (blindness)


— Education Programs

Children with disabilities are less likely to enter, remain in and succeed in school, and literacy levels are lower among people with disabilities.


— Welfare Programmes

Basic Needs Provision is the divine right of all human beings irrespective of gender, race, religion or location. Mankind acting as trustees of the worlds resources have a duty to ensure all citizens are provided with food, shelter, clothing, education, health and basic sanitation, and failure is a derelict of duty.


— Water Projects

We are regularly providing mechanisms and building infrastructures within communities, along with our partners, to provide a system of water irrigantion for domestic, agricultural and industrial usage.

What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children

If you have ever wanted to do a parachute jump here is your chance. ISAAR WELFARE are looking for hundreds of adventurous volunteers to make a fundraising parachute jump and if you raise enough in sponsorship you will get to jump for free!

The Keys to a New Future for Exploited Chlidren

There are opportunities for trekking nationally (snowdon) and abroad (eg China, Peru, Africa) to both enjoy yourself and raising money for the poor.

Boys Rise to Greatness in Burkina Faso

Whitewater rafting is fast becoming one of the most popular fundraising events for charities across the UK

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Finding a New Life—in a New Land

Disability affects hundreds of millions of families in developing countries. Currently around 10 per cent of the total world’s population, or roughly 650 million people, live with a disability. In most of the OECD countries, females have higher rates of disability than males.

The Children who Break New Ground

The two-way link between poverty and disability creates a vicious circle. Poor people are more at risk of acquiring a disability because of lack of access to good nutrition, health care, sanitation, as well as safe living and working conditions. Once this occurs, people face barriers to the education, employment, and public services that can help them escape poverty.

Bringing Dreams within Reach

In countries with life expectancies over 70 years of age, people spend on average about 8 years, or 11.5 per cent of their life span, living with disabilities.